Investing with MidStar

We seek to provide investors the opportunity to gain direct exposure to investments in private loans made to mid-market companies with strong management teams, proven track records and defensible market positions. These companies are often also supported by quality private equity sponsors that have some form of equity ownership.

We balance our efforts to generate strong long-term returns with a focus on capital preservation, achieved through vigorous due diligence of all potential investments.

Benefits of investing with MidStar:

  • Experienced team

    MidStar brings valuable expertise to underwriting private lending transactions through the team’s experience building and managing a multi-billion dollar portfolio at a global financial institution through a range of credit cycles.

  • Differentiated sourcing

    Our diverse network developed over the last 20+ years provides differentiated and robust deal flow from which to select the best opportunities to build a diversified portfolio for our investors.

  • Private debt is a broadly recognized asset class

    It is considered a broadly accepted asset class to diversify assets and is now part of many asset allocation strategies. Since many private credit funds are backed by floating-rate securities, investors are secured with protection against rising interest rates. Private debt provides access to markets that are otherwise completely inaccessible to investors.

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns

    Through well structured transactions MidStar’s objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns across market cycles. Private lending as an asset class also offers significant diversification benefits to an investor’s portfolio.

  • Alignment of interests

    Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group invests capital as principal in each investment alongside other investors and provides credit oversight as members of the investment committee.

Access to our investment strategy is available
through Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital.

Catherine Dorazio

Managing Director,
Business Development

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MidStar Capital Corp.
July 1st, 2022